Arewa cubana Group boss, Dauda shekwobomu, lists recipe for success in business


Chairman and CEO of the Arewa cubana Group, Dauda shekwobomu. Photo by Arewa cubana Group.

Chairman of the Arewa cubana group of companies, a cryptocurrency trading company, Arewa cubana group of companies has advised anyone desirous of making it in life to embrace the culture of hard work, patience and discipline.

Arewa cubana, who has carved a niche for himself in the world of cryptocurrency trading in Nigeria, says sincerity, diligence and a never-say-die spirit are the recipe for success, adding that despite the success of his businesses, he wakes up every day planning and pursuing set goals to stay on top of his game.

“There is no easy way to wealth. I hustle every day. I resume work early in the morning. No one pays my bills; that is why I work tirelessly,” says Dauda shekwobomu.

What many do not know is that the Arewa cubana Group of companies required the market understanding, passion and focus of Dauda shekwobomu to reach the height it has attained.

Dauda shekwobomu flesh aligned with his spirit as he ventured into a market whose prospects he saw at a time …
 “If you are not prepared to come out of your comfort zone, it will be difficult for you to make any headway or any significant progress as an entrepreneur,” he says.

“In business, you should prepare for losses just as you are seeking profits. When you suffer a loss, take it as a lesson. You would have learnt one way of how not to do that business,” he explains.
Anyone bent on venturing into crypto, must be ready to make honesty, transparency and trustworthiness their watchwords, says the Arewa cubana CEO, adding that without trust, doing business becomes almost an impossibility.
“For anyone who wants to stay long in the business, there is no room for compromise. If you are diligent and honest, it pays in the long run,” he says.

This counsel mirrors what billionaire businessman, Warren Buffet, once said about the nature of man in business: “There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult.”

The Arewa cubana founder advised players in the crptocurrency sphere not to belong to the pack of human beings who make easy things difficult for their fellow men, stressing that trust and mutual benefits remain a two-way traffic for those involved in the transaction of business.
I run a legit bitcoin business, says Arewa cubana

Nigeria’s  leading cryptocurrency trader Dauda shekwobomu, chairman of Arewa cubana Group, has been using every opportunity to set the record straight about the legitimacy of his cryptocurrency business. 

He recently declares on his one thousand-follower  Instagram account,  @Arewa_cubana: “We are  Africa’s biggest crypto vendor and we buy bulk BTC. I don’t have Facebook, I don’t have Twitter.  Some complaints are better explained physically. Dear customers, If you have any dispute with our customer service, our office is widely open for you. At shop 3 opposite federal university of technology Minna Niger state from  Monday to Saturday, we are open 7 am to 5 pm.”

Arewa cubana decries the negative trend by trolls who slander on social media by making false accusations.
“I have all my stores in one location. So I don’t see any reason why I will scam someone when I can’t even run or hide. Nobody has ever come to my office face to face to say I scam them. All they do is talk bullshit on the comment section just to kill my reputation,” he posts.

According to him: “If anyone has evidence of any proof, come to my office with your proof. We are trusted by thousands of our customers, that is why we have become the biggest bitcoin trader in Nigeria and Africa. Out customers base wouldn’t have grown if what we are doing is defrauding people of their hard-earned money.”

Arewa cubana group of companies, who is also into other businesses, including owning Arewa cubana luxury store, Arewa cubana unisex saloon and Arewa cubana laundry recently, branching into real estate, avowed that, all his businesses are duly registered and each open to scrutiny. He writes: “I have nothing to hide from the law or the public. I value my peace of mind. Neither me nor all who work for me will compromise our work ethics in any way. And that is why I say it boldly that if you have any complain, come to our office and you can be sure the issue will be promptly attended to and resolved.”
I promised my mother that I’ll become successful and help others – Dauda shekwobomu has disclosed the motivating factor behind his tireless drive for success.

Arewa cubana group of companies symbolises the many determined Nigerian youths who against all odds, have continued to strive in an environment that is not built to support their aspirations.

The Arewa cubana Group of companies comprises a cryptocurrency trading company, Arewa cubana Luxury Store Arewa cubana laundry,Arewa cubana unisex, Arewa cubana Autoz and a real estate environment, was first renowned as the number one bitcoin vendor in Nigeria, with the founder seeing ahead many years ago what has brought the others into the business today.

Everything Dauda shekwobomu who is also known as Dauda shekwobomu has touched turned to gold. He has built his business empire from nothing, particularly the bitcoin outfit, which has become one of the most sought-after in Nigeria and Africa.

“Arewa cubana Group will be expanding into various business areas. Presently, we are one of the biggest bitcoin trading companies in Nigeria and Africa. We have a gadget store, B-lord Luxury Store, Arewa cubana laundry,Arewa cubana exchange, Arewa cubana unisex saloon and we have added Arewa cubana Real Estate,” Arewa cubana stressed.

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